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"AWESOME!" (Robin C., Colorado, US)

Exclusive FREE stained glass painting guides right here.

"What's in the book?"

Through our stained glass courses, we show you how to mix glass paint properly, how to trace, how to shade before you trace, how to make gorgeous highlights, how to paint with oil, how to do tracing and shading and oil-painting in just one firing ... and much more. We can change the way you paint stained glass.

Download a free overview: just click right here.

"What's my guarantee?"

We are absolutely confident of the value of the skills that we can teach you. You have our 7-day risk free money-back guarantee: tell us within 7 days of downloading anything from this site and we will send you a full refund.

"How quickly will I get my order?"

Nearly everyone gets their order in minutes. Sometimes it takes a little longer because there can be traffic-jams even in cyberspace.

Please always e-mail us if there is any difficulty at all: we're on your side and we want you to be happy.

We send 99 orders out of 100 just minutes after we get your order. It really is that quick.

"How do I pay?"

Use your debit or credit card and pay securely through PayPal or Nochex. You can use various cards such as Visa, MasterCard, Maestro or Solo. We never see your card details.

"How much does the book cost in US currency?"

2009 - the exchange rate is particularly fantastic for US and Canadian stained glass painters.

Click here to get the exchange rate for your currency: .

Remember: you always have a 7-day money-back guarantee. Also, our good name depends on providing you with the excellent information that you want. The Williams & Byrne stained glass studio is here to stay, so our excellent reputation really matters.

"I only have a dial-up connection ..."

Our e-book is LARGE, of course it is. Unlike other e-books which just have a few words per page, our e-book is packed with facts and pictures. It is about 8 Mb. This is easy for DSL / broadband / high-speed internet connections.

If you have dial-up, we can send you the book in small installments. Just buy the book as normal, then e-mail us that you need shipment via installment. We will do this for you and you can then read our excellent book. Just click here to order the e-book.

"My links haven't arrived!"

Please send us an e-mail. We will re-send the links as soon as we hear from you. Even in cyberspace, e-mails sometimes disappear, so please trust in our wish to pass on what we know. We'll send the links again: just let us know. Thank you!

"What's your response time?"

If we're working in the studio, we check for e-mails every 30 minutes.

Please remember that we're working in a different time-zone. Also, sometimes we're up scaffolding or in a meeting.

But we'll always reply to you as quickly as we can. For us, everything depends on you being satisified with the information that we can provide to you: that's the reason we will always reply to you as quickly as possible.

"My links won't open"

We always verify that the links all work when we send them to you.

But sometimes links won't open on your computer. This can happen for several reasons, so there are several things to check:

  1. Please check you have Adobe Acrobat on your computer
  2. Please check your firewall settings: some settings are so severe they can prevent you from opening your order
  3. Please check what happens when you copy and paste the link into your internet browser: this can also make links work
If none of these actions solves the problem, please e-mail us and describe the problem.

We will do what we can. We want you to get our fantastic information but please understand there are limits to the problems we can solve on another computer.

"Who are you?"

We're David Williams and Stephen Byrne of Williams & Byrne - the designers, painters and restorers of glass.

We run a busy and successful stained glass painting studio. And through our stained glass courses we also teach stained glass techniques to enable you to learn how to glass paint. We love to teach. Although we are in England, UK, people come to us from all over - from all over Europe, and from Japan, the USA, New Zealand, Canada and Australia.

The connection between making and teaching stained glass painting is obvious: we want our beautiful stained glass windows to outlive us, and we also want our knowledge to survive. This is why we are glad you have found us here.

Our skills will only survive if we pass them on. So we hope you enjoy the exciting chapters and free guides that you'll find here. We want you to learn what we know about stained glass painting.

You can see our designs and painting here.

"Whose glass paints do you use?"

We get our kiln-fired stained glass paints and silver-stains from Reusche in the USA. We think their paints are excellent, and Reusche has always given us the most fantastic level of customer service. Their minimum sizes are 1/2 pound but they can also tell you which stockists sell smaller quantities.

You can find Reusche here right now. Once you're there, you'll need to click on the Glass Stainers Catalog. The tracing / shading paints we mainly use come from the section on page 4: "Weather Resistant Colours": tracing black (DE401) and bistre brown (DE402), for example.

You can find Reusche here right now.

"How do I open a PDF file?"

To read the Free guides and chapters, you need Adobe Reader on your PC or Mac.

You can download Adobe Reader from here: download Adobe Reader NOW.

"Can you send JPEGS or copies in the post?"

This unique material is only available as downloadable PDFs.

"Do I use my own printer?"

Yes. Consider this: the usual step-by-step guide gives you perhaps only 10 pictures for each project. But, for example, Part 4 on its own has more than 100 close-up pictures.

The more you see us paint, the more you'll understand how it's done. That's why we send picture-packed files which you print for yourself.

You print the copies you need - e.g. one for your workshop and one for home.

"Can I ask you questions?"

Yes. When you order our e-book, you can also ask us questions. Please quote the order number for your copy of our book.

Each day we are in e-mail contact with people like you all over the world.

We answer every e-mail personally. If you ever don't hear from us, this will either be because your e-mail got lost in transit or because ours did! Usually we answer the same day but this depends on time-zones and where we are working.

We will always do our best to help you. That is why we run this web site: to tell you what we know.

"Do your stained glass techniques really work"

We design and paint gorgeous windows. When we restore stained glass, we create fantastic copies. We have more than 30 years' experience of painting beautiful stained glass. Our guides and book show you what we do. It's as simple as that. Download a valuable free case study from here. The case study shows you a step-by-step example of how we paint and also of what our book can teach you. Click here.

Do you run stained glass painting courses

We do. We are in England, UK. We run stained glass painting courses which are astonishingly successful in teaching you the core techniques we use. There are no more than 6 of you on each course, and there are 2 of us to be with you all the time, watching, encouraging and demonstrating to you, individually, as you need. For course details, click here now.

"Something isn't working on this web site"

If something isn't working on this web site, please hit your Refresh button. On a PC, this is usually F5. - Sometimes old versions are mixed up with new ones, and we can't stop this from happening! So the first thing we suggest is for you to get the very newest version of our site: do a Refresh.

Also, please tell us. We will always answer every e-mail that we receive from you.

Silver stain techniques & media

Subscribers to our book: we are also preparing our amazing guide to silver stain. This will take the ground away from under you: guaranteed! If you're not already on our mailing list, please register your interest today.

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Studio |  FAQs