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Part 4 - Tracing

Studio | e-Book | Index |  Part 4 - Tracing

Stained glass tracing - Part 4
Delightful ways of tracing (19 pages)Delightful ways of tracing (19 pages)

Stained glass tracing

"You are damned fine teachers" (Patrick G., Falkirk, Scotland)

Delicate long thin lines and bold dark strokes: here we show you how to trace confidently and with style.

This entertaining chapter is detailed yet simple to follow.

It's packed with tips. Its 19 pages are full of step-by-step images. And it's fun: look at this splendid frog that you'll learn to paint on glass.

Here's what we show you:
  • How to trace lightly
  • How to reinforce a line
  • How to thicken a line
  • How to use spots to create shadows and texture
  • How to create different kinds of highlight
And we also tell you about the different kinds of tracing brushes, and how to judge the consistency of your paint.

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"As a 'younger generation' teacher, I find resources like yours very useful - it's nice to know there are some people who are willing to share their knowledge and skill" (L.T., London, England)

Only available in our book, Glass Painting Techniques & Secrets from an English Stained Glass Studio.

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Studio | e-Book | Index |  Part 4 - Tracing