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Part 3 - Shading

Studio | e-Book | Index |  Part 3 - Shading

How to shade before you trace
How to shade and matt stained glass - Part 3
Gorgeous stained glass shadows and matting (20 pages)Gorgeous stained glass shadows and matting (20 pages)

How to shade stained glass and stained glass matting

"I must say how useful and brilliant these chapters are. Finding your site was a revelation" (Julia H. - Sussex, England)

Most people think you shade and matt only after you've fired your trace lines. Well, we want to show you a completely different way of painting stained glass.

This technique is part of our brilliant method of firing in the kiln just once.

We show you how to do the shading first, then trace the details, and then fire the glass just once.

This will save you time. It will also save you electricity or gas.

But the very best thing is this: our technique will also give you a new confidence in how to paint stained glass for yourself.

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We show you how to paint a lovely shell with this technique. And we also include 3 other wonderful designs for you to use: a bell, a rose and a leaf.

  • More than 60 color photographs to show you how to paint gorgeous, soft shadows
  • Step-by-step instructions in clear English
  • 20 expert pages
So, if you'd like to know how to paint gorgeous shading and matting on stained glass, this chapter is for you.

Just imagine what you'll be able to do with this technique: faces, clothes, clouds, hands, flowers ... so many lovely things.

Guarantee: you always have our 7-day risk-free money-back guarantee.

"Your information is great" (Mandy W., Dargaville, New Zealand)

This wonderful way of shading before you trace is only available in our book, Glass Painting Techniques & Secrets from an English Stained Glass Studio.

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Studio | e-Book | Index |  Part 3 - Shading