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Part 6 - Oil

Studio | e-Book | Index |  Part 6 - Oil

Stained glass painting with oil - Part 6
The secrets of painting with oil (29 pages)The secrets of painting with oil (29 pages)

How to paint stained glass with oil

"The guides are so well thought out and are a great help" (Wenna C., Devon, UK)

Here's the final stage of the amazing glass painting technique we use each day at Williams & Byrne.

So far we've shown you how to mix glass paint like a professional, how to trace and shade and paint many layers of paint on top of one another, how to make delightful entrancing highlights, how to paint on both sides of the glass.

And you've discovered how to do all this in a single firing!

What else will we show you now?

Well, we will show you something that Albinus Elskus doesn't show you. We can show you how to paint with oil-based paint on top of unfired water-based paint.

And we don't mean using a nib and oil: that's easy.

No, we will show you how to use a brush and oil-based paint on top of all those layers of unfired water-based paint.

Wouldn't you think this would disturb the unfired lines beneath? Well, it doesn't.

Would you believe you can even blend and soften these strokes of oil? Well, we'll show you how.

Discover how to paint with oil on top of unfired paint when you click right here.

It'll be up to you to decide how to use this astonishing technique: we know you'll do it in your own way.

P.S. The enamel and the silver-stain are fired separately ... for now!

The way we paint will change the way you paint: that's guaranteed!

Guarantee: you always have our 7-day risk-free money-back guarantee.

"Your information on glass painting is a blessing" (Jeanne S., New Jersey, USA)

Discover how to paint with oil on top of unfired water-based paint ONLY in our book, Glass Painting Techniques & Secrets from an English Stained Glass Studio.

Just click right here.

Studio | e-Book | Index |  Part 6 - Oil