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Have You Got Your FREE Stained Glass Painting Guides?

Stained glass painting - your FREE step-by-step guidesStained glass painting - your FREE step-by-step guides

"Wonderful" (Sandra M., Ontario, Canada)

"Your techniques help me so much" (Claraines G., New Jersey, US)

There's a wonderful selection of free guides to kiln-fired stained glass painting right here.

Important: you'll find the free guides in the right-hand column. Just scroll down and check out the right-hand column on this page right here.

You'll also find tons of useful tips about kiln-fired stained glass painting. Plus you can sign up for a free e-mail newsletter and get exclusive access to online video demonstrations and other exclusive bonuses.

Just click right here.

You can open a whole new world

"Just doing stained glass wasn't enough of an expression. I always seemed to be missing something until I discovered that I could learn to paint on glass. Great stuff, guys! Thank you for putting a wonderful gift of knowledge out there" (Jeff S. Texas, US)

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Studio |  Free Guides