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Part 1 - Mixing glass paint
Part 1 - Mixing glass paint Learn to mix glass paint like the experts do - mix bad paint, and your painting will be bad!
Part 2 - Silhouettes
Part 2 - Silhouettes Here we show you the secret of gorgeous stained glass silhouettes
Part 3 - Shading
Part 3 - Shading Discover how to shade before you trace and only fire your glass just the once
Part 4 - Tracing
Part 4 - Tracing Here you find out how to trace thick lines and thin, light lines and dark
Part 5 - Highlights
Part 5 - Highlights Now we show you how to let the light shine through
Part 6 - Oil
Part 6 - OilRevealed! - How to paint with oil on top of unfired water-based paint: this is amazing!

Studio | e-Book |  Index