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About Us

Studio |  About Us

"Easy to follow and HELPFUL" (Shereen T., California, US)

Exclusive FREE stained glass painting guides right here.

Who we are

Through our stained glass courses, we want to show you all about the techniques we use each day to paint our glass. So here are some facts about who we are, so that when you e-mail or ring us, you'll know who it is you're contacting.

David Williams

David Williams

David has designed, painted and restored stained glass for 30 years.

He began with a traditional 8-year apprenticeship with Patrick Reyntiens.

He followed this with 15 years as studio manager and chief designer at the largest stained glass painting studio in central England - John Hardman's & Company.

In 2004, he and Stephen Byrne established Williams & Byrne, their innovative glass painting studio, in Shropshire, UK.

Students travel to visit the studio from the USA, Japan, New Zealand, Australia - and of course from all over the UK and mainland Europe.

And you - wherever you are - can learn how to paint glass by downloading Glass Painting Techniques & Secrets from an English Stained Glass Studio right here.
Stephen Byrne

Stephen Byrne

Stephen trained under David when David was studio manager and chief designer at the Hardman's stained glass studio in central England.

Stephen came to stained glass relatively late in life. He had already studied Philosophy for 7 years (which got him a doctorate from Oxford) and then worked in the City of London (which showed him he was happier with a brush in his hands).

After 3 years together at the previous studio, David and Stephen established Williams & Byrne, their marvellous design and glass painting studio in Shropshire, UK. The studio is also a centre for excellent teaching - we want pass on what we know and empower you to learn how to paint glass.
Williams & ByrneWilliams & Byrne

Designers, painters and restorers of stained glass

The only thing which counts is what you want to know about stained glass painting.

We can help. We can tell you what we know.

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Discover what we know about English stained glass painting

Life's too short to accept second best. The glass you paint will last a hundred years or more. If it's worth painting, it's worth painting beautifully, so download our book on stained glass painting: click here.

Studio |  About Us