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Stained glass owls

Studio | Projects |  Stained glass owls

How to paint these 3 stained glass owls
Stained glass owlsStained glass owls

Discover how to paint 3 stained glass owls

"Thank you for the interesting tips about traditional stained glass painting which I love" (Sebastian H., Buenos Aires, Argentina)

You will discover how to paint this owl and two others:

  • 3 beautiful owl designs
  • Close-up color photographs of each stage
  • Clear step-by-step instructions
  • 15 technique-packed pages you can only find here
Just click the owl to see what we did with our 3 owls.

Once you've painted and fired them for yourself, you'll hang them where you want to catch the sunlight. Here's where we'll show you how to paint them.

For latest details, please click right here.

Studio | Projects |  Stained glass owls