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Stained glass gargoyle

Studio | Projects |  Stained glass gargoyle

Stained glass gargoyle
Stained glass gargoyleStained glass gargoyle

How to paint this stained glass gargoyle

"Thank you for inspiring me!" (Stephanie L., Oregon, USA)

Stephanie certainly wasn't inspired by this scary gargoyle but rather by our fascinating book, Glass Painting Techniques & Secrets from an English Stained Glass Studio.

Some of you, however, may indeed feel attracted to this authentic image of a demon's face which we discovered in the dark recesses of a charming English country church. That's the way with England and its churches: everything looks nice, and then you discover that the Vicar goes to nightclubs and owns a sports car.

A slightly shorter guide with 14 step-by-step images and clear instructions. A great way of sampling our style of presentation. Also excellent if you like scary faces.


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Studio | Projects |  Stained glass gargoyle