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Stained glass decoration

Studio | Projects |  Stained glass decoration

Medieval decoration
Medieval decorationMedieval decoration

How to paint this stained glass decoration

"I am very impressed. I especially appreciate all of the detailed pictures" (Dave T. - Virginia, USA)

Here's a lovely decoration for you to make. Step-by-step we show you how it's done. This 11-page guide contains:
  • Clear instructions
  • Close-up color photographs of each stage
  • A one-page photographic project summary
  • All about the tools and materials you need
  • A copy of the beautiful stained glass design for you to paint
  • An image of our finished painted glass
Uniquely informative, wonderfully practical: our photo-packed step-by-step stained glass painting guides are the best you'll find.

Guarantee: you always have our risk-free money-back guarantee.

"Your downloads are always so brilliant and inventive" (Hil G. - Somerset, England)

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Studio | Projects |  Stained glass decoration