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Stained glass pansies

Studio | Projects |  Stained glass pansies

Stained glass flowers
Stained glass flower roundelStained glass flower roundel

How to paint these stained glass flowers

"How beautiful are these pansies. Thank you: I can't wait to get started on them. You guys are truly the Masters." (Irene C., Michigan, US)

Here you see a copy that we painted from a piece of broken painted glass. We will show you how you do it:

  • The brushes, tools and materials you need
  • The 10 steps to paint these pansies
  • And a special way of using oil on top of unfired water-based paint
The guide also includes a full-sized design for you to copy and a full-sized image of the finished painted glass. We even show you the 6 steps we took to prepare the original water-color design.

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Studio | Projects |  Stained glass pansies