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Stained glass birds

Studio | Projects |  Stained glass birds

Stained glass birds - a magnificent collection!
Stained glass birdsStained glass birds

How to paint these 5 stained glass birds

"Your guides have filled in many gaps in my painting education" (Amanda S., Scotland)

This bird is called a bee-eater. It visits us here in England over the summer months. We so liked its colors and shape that we devised its very own stained glass design.

So, in this step-by-step guide, you'll use many of our key techniques: for example, tracing on top of an undercoat, adding half-tone shadows on top of trace lines, tracing and shading with oil-based paint.

This detailed 22-page guide contains:
  • Close-up color photographs of each stage
  • Clear step-by-step instructions
  • A one-page photographic overview to keep by your side while you paint
  • All about the tools and materials you need
  • A copy of the beautiful stained glass design for you to paint
  • An image of our finished painted glass
Once painted and fired, you'll be able to lead it up and hang it where you want to catch the light.

Also included: kingfisher, robin, woodpecker and bluetit.

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4 stained glass bird designs

Studio | Projects |  Stained glass birds